All of our products are from world leading OEM manufacturers

Cast and forged pistons for standard applications from car to heavy duty commercial from leading manufacturers. Forged motorsport pistons from MAHLE Motorsport, the worlds leading piston manufacturer and supplier to F1 teams.

Aluminium and trimetal bearings from MAHLE, Glyco and NPR Europe. High performance bearings manufactured in the UK by MAHLE Motorsport.

Piston Rings
All types of piston ring from plain cast to steel nitrided from world leaders including MAHLE, NPR and Goetze. UK distributor for NPR “Tuning” rings

Valves & Valve Train Parts
All valve train parts from manufacturers including MAHLE, Freccia and AE. Our range includes steel camshafts used in latest VW Group engines

Gaskets, Seals & Headbolts
Our main supplier is the worlds largest OEM manufacturer of gaskets and seals, Victor Reinz. We also distribute Elring & Payen products

Misc Parts
If it is used in an engine we either sell it or can get it! Including hydraulic followers, oil pumps, valve guides (including colsibro material), rocker arms and new cylinder heads.

MAHLE Motorsport Pistons

MAHLE Motorsport Bearings

MAHLE Motorsport Porsche

NPR Tuning Rings

Solid Cam Follower for Vauxhall Engines

Solid Cam Follower for Vauxhall Engines

Sodium Filled High Performance Exhaust Valve

Sodium Filled High Performance Exhaust Valve


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