Available form MAR Motorsport, MAHLE Motorsport pistons and nikasil liners for the classic 911 2.0s aircooled.

With interest in classic motorsport at an all time high, the original 911 2.0 is becoming a common site in all forms of classic racing, from rallying to LeMans. The only pistons and cylinders to perform as well as the original parts are those manufactured by the original parts manufacturer – MAHLE.

MAR Motorsport are the leading UK and European distributor for MAHLE Motorsport, the specialist racing division of MAHLE. Our range includes pistons and nikasil cylinders for the range of Porsche air cooled engines, including the 2.0S.

Cylinders are nikasil plated aluminium and are externally identical to the original parts. Pistons are designed from the original drawing and produced from and upgraded “slipper” forging. All parts are dry phosphate coated to prevent microwelding in the ring grooves before MAHLE proprietary Graphal skirt coating is applied. Unlike other parts produced from 2618 alloy, the MAHLE Motorsport pistons run close to factory clearances so piston slap is a not an issue.

Pistons are supplied in weight matched sets of 6 complete with upgraded steel piston rings and German manufactured piston pins.

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