NOW AVAILABLE – Exclusive to MAR Motorsport

MAHLE Motorsport Big End Bearings for 2.5 Turbo 5 cylinder (Volvo) engines


As used in

Ford Focus RS MK2 2.5 Turbo
Ford Focus ST MK2 2.5 Turbo


MAHLE have been at the cutting edge of Motorsport for many years, they have won world championships at all levels of motorsport including Formula 1. They are currently technical partners to Ferrari in F1 and their logo can be proudly seen on the nose of their 2017 F1 car.

MAHLE Motorsport bearings are made in the UK in a dedicated facility that only produces race bearings. These parts have the proprietary lead indium (not lead tin or lead, tin, copper) overlay and the cast (not sintered) substrate that is commonly known as VP2, or the best performance material there is for engine bearings.

No other bearings are as high specification as these parts, and no other company produces bearings for F1!