BMW M3 & M5 S65 V8 & S85 V10 Pistons

MAHLE’s new BMW S65 pistons are designed to either replace the OE cast piston, or provide a lower compression piston for those customers who want to turn up the boost. Our Gold Coating allows the customer to drop these pistons in the factory cylinders. Features include:

• Thick, slipper skirt style forging

• Maximized top and second ring lands

• Hard anodized top ring groove

• Larger valve pockets to accommodate up to +1.0mm larger valves

• Nitrated stainless 1.2mm top, 1.2mm taper 2nd & 2.8mm oil ring set

• Available in the factory compression ratio; 12.2:1 or a lower compression alternative; 10.1:1

BMW PowerPak Kits feature pistons with MAHLE’s 4032 alloy for its high temperature strength and low noise characteristics, steel pins, and MAHLE’s proven piston rings which delivers excellent ring-to-cylinder sealing with low mass and extended RPM range without loss of ring stability. The pistons are dual coated with phosphate and MAHLE’s Gold skirt coating for greatly reduced drag and wear as well as guaranteed compatibility with OEM Alusil blocks . For maximum durability, the top ring grooves are hard anodized to protect against micro-welding.